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Rock Climbing

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Rock Climbing is a demanding sport that tests a climber’s strength, endurance and climbing techniques. SR Rock Climbing aims to develop the physical, mental and technical aspects of our climbers by exposing them to various types of climbing: top rope climbing, lead climbing and bouldering.  The team equips every one of the climbers with knowledge of climbing communication, proper usage of safety equipment, knot and rope-work, belaying and lead climbing. All climbers are also encouraged to achieve both Level 1 and Level 2 Sport Climbing certification from the Singapore Mountaineering Federation. Each climbing programme is designed to stretch students’ imaginations, to inspire them to see possibilities in every climbing route and to exercise mental and physical resilience in the face of new challenges. Through trial and error, the climber gradually finds his footing, ultimately reaching his goal. This certainly mirrors real life: Citius, Altius, Fortius! (Swifter, Higher and Stronger)

2015 National Schools Bouldering Championship
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, Overall Champion
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, First Runner-Up

2015 National Schools Sport Climbing Championship
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, Overall Champion
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, Overall Champion

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