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Rules and Regulations

To download a copy of the College’s Rules and Regulations, please click here.

The College Vision, “Leaders and Learners driven by Values and Imagination”, extends beyond academic achievement. It also highlights the importance of good character. The College Discipline & Guidance Unit aims to cultivate in every SRJCian a sense of self- responsibility, the practice of good habits and the development of good character and values.

In all aspects of College life, good character should be modelled and honoured. The Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations and Conduct Grading System guide students to "Know the Good, Love the Good, and Do the Good". The College Values of Active Participation, Selflessness, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect and Enterprise drive SRJCians' thoughts, actions and deeds.


SRJCians strive to be:
  • Self-disciplined students, observing regular attendance and punctuality at all lessons, activities and functions;
  • Active learners in the pursuit of knowledge and skills;
  • Selfless and Respectful individuals with consideration for fellow students and staff;
  • Persevering individuals who strive to overcome challenges and meet expectations in all areas; and
  • Enterprising citizens with Integrity who fulfil their commitments to College, Community and Nation; and seek to improve the well-being of others.



1.1 All students are to move to their designated places at the assembly ground when the assembly music starts playing at 0725 hrs.

1.2 Morning Assembly will begin at 0730 hrs, at the end of the assembly music and at the command of the student leader on duty calling all to attention.

1.3 All students are to stand at attention, no matter where they are in the College, when the National Anthem is being sung and the Pledge taken.
1.4 Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

1.5 Non-Singaporean students are to show due respect to the proceedings by standing at attention when the National Anthem is being sung and the Pledge taken.


2.1 Students are to attend all lessons, activities and functions organised by the College.


3.1 Students must be punctual for all classes and college functions.

3.2 Students are considered late for morning assembly when they are not in their class lines by the time of the singing of National Anthem.

3.3 Students who are late must report to their Civics Tutors to explain their late coming during the course of the day.

3.4 All assignments and projects are to be completed and submitted on time.


4.1 When a student is absent from College on medical grounds, he/she must show his/her medical certificate to the Civics Tutor and Subject Tutors on the first day he/she returns to College.

4.2 Letters from parents will only be accepted in cases of (a) family emergencies, (b) on compassionate grounds and (c) on medical grounds (once per term). For all other cases, the Dean's approval is to be sought prior to the leave of absence, and permission would be granted at the Dean's discretion.

4.3 Students without the required document(s) will be considered as having committed an act of truancy, and will be referred to the Discipline & Guidance Unit.


5.1 Students are allowed to leave College at 1230 hrs but must report punctually for the next lesson or College activity if any.

5.2 Male Muslim students are permitted to leave College between 1230 hrs and 1400 hrs on Friday to attend prayers at the nearby mosques.

5.3 If a student has to leave the College before the stipulated time in 5.1, he/she should approach the Civics Tutor for endorsement on the “Early Leave Form”, and then seek the approval of the Dean. The student will return the form with the parent/guardian’s signature to the Civics Tutor upon returning to College.
5.4 Students  seeking  early  leave  for  medical  reasons  are  required  to  produce  a medical certificate the next school day to account for their absence.


6.1 Any overt demonstration of romantic affection between two persons is strongly   
discouraged within and outside the College.


7.1 Students are to wear the prescribed College uniform and modifications to the uniform are not allowed.

7.2 All students must wear the College uniform smartly at all times.

7.3 Shirts/blouses must be neatly tucked in at the waist at all times.

7.4 The College Badge is worn on the left side of the shirt/blouse collar of the College uniform.

7.5 The College Tie is to be worn during the weekly assembly, on Tuesdays for JC1 students and on Thursdays for JC2 students, and on special occasions as directed by the College.

7.6 Students must wear appropriate shoes* with shoe laces and socks. The wearing of sports shoes is encouraged. 
(* Running or track laced shoes are preferred. Canvas laced shoes with solid-coloured are also allowed. Casual shoes eg. Boatshoes, loafers and pumps are not permitted)

7.7 Students may wear the prescribed College Polo-Shirt except on Tuesdays for JC1 students and on Thursdays for JC2 students, and on special occasions as directed by the College.

7.8  Students are to report to College either in full College uniform or College Polo-Shirt with College Bermudas/Skirts/Pants on Mondays to Thursdays and on special occasions as directed by the College. Students may report to College in College PE attire on Fridays to Sundays and school/public holidays.

7.9  Students are to change out of their PE attire before the next lesson on ALL days and are to change out of their PE attire by 0900 hrs on Fridays unless the first lesson on Friday is a PE lesson.

7.10 During PE Lessons, only the College PE attire, sport shoes with shoelaces and socks are allowed.

7.11 Students are not allowed to wear or display any form of jewellery, ornamental or religious items.

7.12 Only female students are allowed to wear one pair of simple ear studs or ear sticks. Nose studs are not allowed

7.13 Male students are not allowed to wear ear studs, earrings or ear sticks.

7.14  A student who is not correctly or fully attired may be refused entry into the College premise.


8.1 Students are expected to maintain neat appearances and exercise good personal hygiene and grooming.

8.2 Male students must sport hair that is of acceptable length. Hair should not reach the eyebrows, collar or ears. Hair should display a visible slope or straight hairline at the back of the neck. (See Pg. 6)

8.3 Male students must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven at all times.

8.4 Female students must plait or tie their hair up neatly, and their fringe must not reach the eyebrows. (See Pg. 6)

8.5 Colouring, tinting or highlighting of hair is not allowed.

8.6 The use of cosmetics is not allowed.

8.7 Coloured contact lenses are not allowed.

8.8 Tattoos are not allowed.


9.1 Mobile phones must not be used during tutorials, lectures and College activities.


10.1 Students are to use the Internet responsibly, and conduct themselves with due propriety when online. They should not use the Internet to post unsubstantiated, insensitive, insulting or hostile materials or information against anyone, including the College, teaching and non-teaching staff and fellow students.

10.2 Students are to refrain from posting or accessing materials with pornographic content.

10.3 Students  who  have  infringed  any of  the  above  regulations  will  be  dealt  with accordingly, either by the College or the relevant authorities.


11.1 Electronic Gaming Devices must not be used within the college premise.


12.1 The use of college’s AV/IT property (such as but is not restricted to school laptops, sound system, projectors, visualisers) is purely for the purpose of teaching and learning. Students are not to use it for their own entertainment purposes.

12.2  For loan of any AV/IT resources, during the period of the loan :

·         Student is responsible to safe-keep the resources.

·         Students are advised not to keep such resources in the school locker.

·        In the event of damage, theft or loss, student will bear the cost of the damage, theft or loss and will be barred from borrowing any resources from the college.


13.1 Students must not litter within and outside of College premises.


14.1  All students must ensure that the tables and benches are kept clean after their meals.

14.2 Eating utensils are to be deposited in the receptacles provided by the stalls.
Disposables, used drink cans and packets are to be disposed properly.


15.1 Students must protect and handle all College property with care and consideration.


SRJCians must display a high level of self-discipline, living up to the College Motto of Discere Servire in their every endeavour. In addition, students are also deemed to have breached the College’s Rules and Regulations when they commit the following acts:






Guidelines for SRJC Attire & Personal Grooming (APG)



C. Conduct Grading System (CGS)

SRJCians are awarded Conduct Grades based on the extent to which they have observed the Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations and shown to espouse and possess the desirable attributes which are based on the College values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Humility throughout each of the two semesters in a school year.

The Conduct Grading System (CGS) is a means to assess the student’s conduct holistically according to the following desired attributes:

1) Resilience

  • Ability to adapt
  • Ability to cope and deal with adversity
  • Ability to bounce back from setbacks

2) Respect

  • Treats everybody with respect

3) Responsibility

  • Showing commitment to all tasks
  • Being punctual
  • Good APG

4) Integrity

  • Accepting responsibility for mistakes
  • Honouring all commitments
  • Honest and trustworthy

5) Care

  • Shows compassion and empathy

6) Humility

  • Modest and unassuming

a. The Conduct Grade will be awarded by the Civics Tutor and all Subject Tutors of the Civics Group, and will be endorsed by SH/Discipline. The respective Deans will approve the final grading.

b. The teachers will award the Conduct Grade based on the descriptors for the grades of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

c. The Conduct Grade of every SRJCian will have a significant impact on the writing of the Testimonial.

Important notes:
1. The award for the student's final Conduct Grade (JC2) is based on overall conduct assessment for the entire period of stay in the College.

2. Students with their first Letter of Warning shall get a Conduct Grade no better than "Very Good."

3. Students with repeated Letter(s) of Warning shall get a Conduct Grade no better than "Good".

4. Students with Letters of Warning addressed to their parents and who are eligible for CW may use their performance of CW as a mitigating factor for consideration of Conduct Grade moderation.

5. All subject tutors and civics tutors will be involved in the assessing and awarding of conduct grades for the students under their charge to provide consistency to the assessment.

6. Subject tutors are to assess students based on their good knowledge of the student's conduct and behavior during lessons in class. 

7. Civics tutors are to assess their civics group students holistically.