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30th Anniversary WILL Run and SR Carnival
30th Anniversary Celebrations
AJ-SR Open House 2018
Joint merger statement from Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College
SRAA Play+Connect 2017
SRJC welcomed its alumni back for the annual SRAA Play+Connect! Read on to find out more.
A New Partnership
Anderson Junior College and Serangoon Junior College will be merging in January 2019. Serangoon Junior College's 2018 JC2 students will continue to study at the Serangoon premises until graduation. Please rest assured that Serangoon Junior College remains committed to your child's education. Parents will be invited for an engagement session with the College Management Team, and the parent's letter has been passed to the students.
Release of 2016 'A' Level Results
Read more about the release of the 2016 'A' Level results here.
Post Joint-Admissions Exercise (JAE) Appeal
Students who would like to appeal to SRJC can click here for more information.
SRJC as the up and coming JC
SRJC's cut-off point has climbed up the ranks. Dr Timothy Chan, director of private institution SIM Global Education's academic division, said of the increasingly popular JCs: "While the percentage of graduates getting university admissions is certainly a key factor, the emotional tone of a school also helps to win hearts." Click on the link to read more about how SRJC wins hearts over the years!
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