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WILL Run 2017

The WILL Run is a seminal event that aims to nurture the College Values of resilience and selflessness. The term "WILL" is interpreted by the College as "I Will", signifying the willingness of individuals to run continuously for 60 minutes in the attempt to break personal barriers. The run provides the opportunity for students to be challenged by their own free will. It helps them to cultivate strength of character in managing adversity and the power of self-belief in achieving their dreams. WILL Run has had its 10th successful year, remaining as one of the signature events of SRJC.

Students' Quotes

"With the encouragement of my team, I completed 10km in 1 hour, a record that I have never attained before. It taught me the importance of persevering despite hardships and how critical it is to push together so that we can go further. (Woh Tian Yong, 16-2SR03)

"WILL Run has made me a better person and made me mentally stronger. It has also made me believe that I can overcome different obstacles and achieve my goals." (Ang Hui Ling, 17-1SR22)