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Serangoon Junior College WILL Run started in 2008 as a fund raising event, “SR Pole to Pole”, for the Singapore Disability Sports Council. The challenge was to complete a total of 20 014 KM, the distance between the North and South Poles.  Ever since then, this event has brought staff and students together in unity to encourage and motivate each other to persevere towards achieving a common goal and to carry on the SRJC tradition of Care, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity and Humility.

Through the years, WILL Run has gone through several metamorphoses to become a seminal event that aims to nurture the college values of perseverance and selflessness. The term ‘WILL’ (read as ‘I Will’) evokes the willingness of individuals to run continuously for 60 minutes to raise funds for the community (on odd year). Beyond the purpose of fundraising, WILL Run aims to cultivate in students the strength of character in managing adversity and the power of self-belief in achieving their dreams.

Quotable quotes from students inspired by WILL Run 2016: 

"Will Run has taught me that if I have the will, I can overcome my personal obstacles." (Nan Shing Kam Shing, 1SR15)

"It made me realize that we should always break our barriers and limits are excuses we use for
ourselves to prevent us from reaching our fullest potential." (Lee Hui Hong Joey, 1SR10)

"It has helped me to realize that I am more capable than I imagine and that I can achieve more." (Genevieve Khoo, 2SR01)