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SRAA Play+Connect 2017


A day of fun, reminiscence and connecting, our 2nd annual SRAA PLAY+CONNECT 2017 welcomed close to 500 Alumni, Families and Friends back to our alma mater SRJC. With sports and activities such as basketball, soccer, touch rugby, frisbee, volleyball, and badminton, one common conversation overheard among all the alumni present was a collective "long time no see". 

Not only that, many alumni took the chance to revisit their alma mater and we also saw new connections being made. One of the candid moments happened when one of our junior alumni wondered aloud how senior alumni could play just as well or even better than them despite graduating years apart from each other!


The joint collaboration between SRJC and SRAA, PLAY+CONNECT 2017 was a huge success and we look forward to welcoming even more alumni back to SRJC come 2018, so stay tuned!​