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SRAA Play+Connect 2016

The inaugural alumni event, SRAA Play + Connect 2016, took place on 17th July 2016. This event was jointly organized by the College and the Alumni Association, and brought together alumni members from various sports CCAs such as Netball, Football, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Basketball. In all, about 500 participants turned up for a day of friendly competition and nostalgic reminiscence of their time in SRJC. Apart from sporting activities, there were various recreational activities such as Zumba and a mass dance session featuring the first College Dance. 

 It was a heart-warming sight to see old friends reconnecting, batches interacting, and the SR family expanding as alumni members brought their family members along to join in the fun! We look forward to welcoming our alumni back to future editions of SRAA Play + Connect!