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Performing Arts Special 2016: Incandescence

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(Photo: Impressions: Ku Er Ban Tribe Festival, a collaboration between the Guzheng Ensemble and SR Dance)

The Performing Arts Special, a concert by the Symphonic Band, SR Dance, Guitar Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble and SR Chorale, concluded successfully on 22nd April 2016.

Incandescence, the theme for this year’s concert was conceptualised by the students. The theme was chosen as a symbol of light, representing the strength and perseverance which glows within each person. This light glimmers, glows, ignites and blazes in times of darkness – a symbolism which courses through each performance.

For the first time, the Performing Arts Special included 3 exciting collaborative highlights between the different CCAs. The first collaboration When You Believe, an inspirational ballad from the soundtrack of the DreamWorks musical animation, The Prince of Egypt, is performed by the Symphonic Band and the SR Chorale. Next, the Guzheng Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble came together to put up a collaborative rendition of Chrysanthemum Terrace, the original film song for the movie Curse of the Golden Flower. The last collaboration is conceived by the Guzheng Ensemble and the SR Dance, of an interpretation of the Ku Er Ban tribe’s festival, through the performance Impressions: Ku Er Ban Tribe Festival.