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SR Internship Programme

The SR Internship Programme is an extension of our ECG framework. It aims to expose our students to how companies operate through an authentic learning experience. In the process, they get to find out more about the chosen field of interest. 

Our partner corporations include: 

1) A*STAR- Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)

The Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R pronounced as i-squared-r) is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) family. Established in 2002, its mission is to be the globally preferred source of innovations in `Interactive Secured Information, Content and Services Anytime Anywhere’ through research. I²R performs R&D in information, communications and media (ICM) technologies to develop holistic solutions across the ICM value chain. Its research capabilities are in information technology, wireless and optical communication networks, interactive and digital media, signal processing and computing.



Our interns with Dr Yeo Sze Ling

“From this internship, I began to seriously think about my future. As I took part in the tedious tasks that were assigned to me, I wondered midway, whether this was the profession I aspired to work towards. I began to take my academic progress into account and asked myself whether I have been doing enough to contribute to my future, or whether or not I had a clear goal in mind. This experience made me realize I needed to reconsider what I really wanted to do in the future and how I should get there.”                                                                                            Gerald Tan (14-1SR08)

2) Ramdas & Wong

Ramdas & Wong is a dynamic Singaporean law firm that specialises in many areas of law. Their areas of expertise include property law, litigation, corporate law, intellectual property and general law.

Ramdas and Wong.jpg

      Our Interns at Ramdas & Wong 

 "One main lesson I have learnt is the value of integrity. Lawyers never tried to fabricate a story in favour of their side to support their client. They looked at every case with an unbiased point of view and fought with justice in mind. Another lesson I have learnt is to work hard in whatever I do. At moments when lawyers realized even when they were at the losing end, they never failed to double up their work and prepared doubly hard to at least back up their current stands. Their resilience was very inspiring and I hope to cultivate it in my education.
                                                                                                                                            Ashrina Majitha (14-1SR23)                                                                                                                                                                                                            

3) The Cocoa Trees Company, FOCUS Network Agencies (S) Pte Ltd

FOCUS Network Agencies (FNA) was started in the year 1991. It is a recognized leader in the distribution and retailing of chocolate and confectionery in the Asia Pacific realm. Excellence, quality, reliability, creativity and focus are the defining qualities of FNA Group International.


Our interns at FNA

“Through this internship, I have learnt that it is possible to succeed in businesses, despite having only to start with a small group of staff and little resources.  Perseverance is essential when running a business, and we must take small steps at a time to progress and improve the way the company is being run. I have also learnt to be more patient and have more perseverance through this 5 day internship programme. This indeed benefitted me greatly in terms of training my mental strength and allowed me to handle customers from the salesperson’s point of view.”                                                                                                                                                                Cherise Ang (14-1SR29)  

4) Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital founded on Catholic values. The hospital offers a wide range of medical specialities which include cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, sports medicine and paediatric medicine.

Mt Alvernia.jpg

Our interns with Ms Lalitha, one of the facilitators.

“My attachment with Mount Alvernia Hospital has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and greater respect for the healthcare professionals. They truly epitomised “hospitality” and “unconditional care” as they carried out their duties from day to day. Fortunately, my group at this hospital managed to enter the operation theatre 3 times the entire week, and it was a privileged experience as we were able to stand by the surgeons and observed how they conducted the entire procedure with the multitude of complicated pre-surgical preparations. The attachment as spurred me on in my pursuit towards a medical career as a neurological surgeon. The many interactions I had with the hospital staff definitely changed me as a person as I am more aware of the many perspectives different people may have. I learnt the importance of an intrinsic harmony between different segments of the different departments to ensure the smooth operation and functioning of the organisation.” 
                                                                                                                                                     Jeremy Teo (14-2SR16)