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SR Global Classroom Experience (SRGCE)

In the globalised world, learning within the four walls of a classroom is no longer sufficient to meet the challenges of the contemporary world. To equip students with 21st century skills, one needs to have a much broader perspective. This can only be achieved through exposure to diversity in races, cultures and social backgrounds. 

A well-loved school tradition, the SR Global Classroom Experience (SRGCE) takes learning far beyond the shores of Singapore. Through the trips, students gain cultural awareness and a global perspective. They imbibe the spirit of service through overseas service learning, attending school immersion programmes and workshops. 

Activities such as trekking in the woods, preparing meals for the communities they serve and staying with local communities offer students the chance to step out of their comfort zone and appreciate the environmental and cultural richness of the host country. Students also put their leadership skills and ability to adapt spontaneously to the test as they plan and execute service learning and cultural exchange projects. Enterprise and resilience, highly regarded as essential to triumphing in the future, are best inculcated via such activities that challenge students to break barriers and stretch their potential. 

Meaningful discussions on moral issues, National Education debates, and thematic studies take students’ perspectives and maturity to new horizons. The SRGCE is at once service, learning, exposure and adventure!