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Student Leadership Development

SRJC’s Student Leadership Development (SLD) curriculum is anchored on the College mission to inspire the passion to learn, the heart to serve, and the ​courage​ to lead.

Making decisions, exercising influence, imagining possibilities – these are some of what SRJC believes is vital for leaders on the cusp of adulthood. SRJC seeks for every student leader to draw these from their authentic strengths and core values, and exemplify them with tenacity, empathy, and dare.

​The SRJC Student Leader​ is nurtured through a developmental curriculum​, with key milestone programmes like the Student Leadership Camp​, the Leadership Symposia and Conferences,  ​and tested alon​g​ various leadership pathways t​hat enable each leader to​ develop a sphere of influence in the College. 

Invested Student Leaders lead their classes, CCAs, Houses, and the entire student body. The Student Council gives students a platform to rally their peers, represent their cohort, and advocate for student well-being. Besides their core responsibilities, invested student leaders also lead their peers in Service-Learning projects. 

Student Planning Committees for College events enable​ young leaders to imagine and bring to life celebration of College spirit. These platforms include the SR Fiesta, the SR Friendship Games, and the annual Orientation.

College Ambassadors lead the College through key events such as Open House, Orientation, and Outreach to Secondary Schools, and blaze the trail for SRJC’s contact with the wider community.

Student Leadership in SRJC does not just develop skills and competencies, but also the
​H​eart of a Leader​,​ ​Leaders who strive to be all that they are​,​ so that others can be everything they can be.

We, the student leaders of SRJC, will uphold the College Values,
will be true to ourselves and others, will imagine and create a better future,
will ignite the passion to learn, will inspire the heart to serve,
will empower with our courage to lead, and in so doing,
We Lead SR to Glory.