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Sexuality Education


Sexuality Education in SR (SEd) enables students to understand the physiological, social and emotional changes they experience as they mature, make informed and responsible decisions on matters regarding sexuality and relationships, and thereby equip students with the socio-emotional skills needed to sustain healthy and rewarding relationships, including those with members of the opposite sex.

SEd in SR is premised upon the importance of the heterosexual married couple forming a nuclear family as the basic unit of society. It reflects and draws from the values and beliefs of the different ethnic and religious communities on sexuality issues.


The Sexuality Education Programme in SR (SEd) is closely aligned to the MOE Sexuality Education Framework, and brings together the Growing Years Series and the eTeens programme.
Details on the MOE Sexuality Education Framework and an overview of the SRJC SEd programme can be found here. 

Parents seeking information on opting their children out of SRJC’s Growing Years Series can click here, while information on opting out from the eTeens programme can be found here