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Track and Field

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Track and Field encompasses a variety of competitive athletic disciplines based on running, jumping and throwing. The SRJC Track and Field team is surely not for the faint-hearted. Speed, perseverance and passion are the three values that team members embrace. Through competitions held throughout the year, we aim to develop in our team a greater appreciation for the sport as well as the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork and strength of character.


56th National Inter-School Cross-Country Championship 2015
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, 13th Position
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, 10th Position

56th National Inter-School Track and Field Championship 2015
  • ‘A’ Division 5000m Walk Boys Finals, 6th Position (Fong Hao Wei)
  • ‘A’ Division 3000m Girls Finals, 22nd Position (Jolene Lim Hui Jun)
  • ‘A’ Division 3000m Girls Finals, 16th Position (Tan Shu Ning, Sandra)
  • ‘A’ Division 800m Girls Finals, 11th Position (Teoh Gui Mei Kitty)
  • ‘A’ Division 4 X 400m Girls Finals, 8th Position

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