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At SRJC, Taekwondo is a niche sport, with focus on Poomsae (pattern). This style emphasises precision and strength training. Apart from honing one’s physical fitness and technique proficiencies, members learn important values such as perseverance, respect for others and self-esteem. These are precisely the character traits in alignment with SRJC’s value system.

Opportunities for student achievement abound and SR Taekwondo Club participates in two major competitions annually. First, student members gain crucial exposure in the annual prestigious NTU Taekwondo Open Championship. This is later followed by the school’s participation in the National Inter-School (A Division) Taekwondo Championships. SR Taekwondo Club has secured medals in both competitions, and continues to bag more medals every year. 


  • 2015 NTU Taekwondo Open Championships
  • Third place (Overall)
  • 2015 National Inter-Schools Taekwondo Championships
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, Overall Champion
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, Overall Champion

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