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Society for Scientific Training and Research (S *STAR)

The Society for Scientific Training and Research (S*Star) is a gathering of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for Mathematics and Science. Conducting experiments, challenging hypothesis, dabbling in Mathematics quizzes are part and parcel of the society’s activities. Through participation in various inter-school science competitions, the society aims to be a crucible within which the imagination of students can be expanded. Enrichment activities and learning journeys are also conducted to expand members’ horizons beyond the classrooms and boundaries of the College. The Society also plays an active role in the promotion of the learning of Science through the organisation and the running of the annual Science Week activities.  This year for the first time in her history, SRJC S Star’s winning Amazing Science Challenge project, “The Secret Painting” was selected to be a permanent exhibit at the Singapore Science Centre, a testimony of our excellence in Science and Design.