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The Basketball Team hones the skills and develops a resilient character among the players. Besides enjoying the game, players learn to be responsible and disciplined. To improve the skill level of students, emphasis is placed on developing the players’ physical endurance and mental resilience. On top of its regular training schedule, the team has gone on overseas training and competition trips. Friendly matches are organised with other colleges and institutions so as to enable players to gain valuable match experience. Former players regularly visit the College to contribute back to the community by helping to level-up the experience and playing prowess of their juniors.


  • 2014 National Interschool Basketball Championships 
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, Preliminary Round
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, Preliminary Round
  • 2014 North Zone Champions of the Court
  • ‘A’ Division Boys, Participation
  • ‘A’ Division Girls, First Runner-Up

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