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ACE@SR is a talent development programme specially tailored to groom top performing students in SRJC. It is a structured programme which exposes them to a variety of training courses and experiences to better equip them to handle the rigorous challenges of varsity life and scholarship applications. Hence, students in the programme can expect to graduate as SR scholars. 
The range of programmes offered includes workshops on public speaking, social etiquette and interview techniques. Leadership training and opportunities to plan college events and community projects are also provided as part of their journey with ACE@SR. These programmes serve to value-add to the scholars' academic credentials by honing their 21st century competencies and providing ample opportunities for them to serve the college and society.

Another hallmark of this programme is the assignment of personal mentors who will function as coaches, advisors and critical friends to the scholars during mentoring sessions and beyond.

ACE@SR – towards Academic and Character Excellence.