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Staff Achievements


sl_mot_hengweelee.pngMdm Heng Wee Lee

Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers Award 

Mdm Heng has been working with the Academy of Singapore Teachers since the launch of the iMTL portal by planning training sessions for Chinese Language teachers to help them incorporate the use of the iMTL portal into their lessons, in particular, the teaching of oral skills. Besides guiding teachers regarding the use of the iMTL portal, relevant teaching materials on the oral elective, “Movie Appreciation”, were also shared with fellow teachers.

She was conferred the Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers in recognition of her significant contributions to the professional development of fellow MOE officers. 

sl_eng_dionnechow.pngMs Dionne Chow Xin En

Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2015

Ms Chow has been teaching General Paper in Serangoon Junior College since January 2011. To encourage her students to keep up with current affairs, she conducts fortnightly current affairs quizzes and mini class debates based on the latest hot topics of discussion. To help students learn more effectively, she uses strategies such as Reverse Metacognition and Team-Based Learning (TBL) which yielded positive outcomes.

Her students are appreciative to Ms Chow for her patience and guidance. They also find learning to be effective and interesting through the diverse ways employed by Ms Chow.

sl_mot_wongteckjee.pngMdm Wong Teck Jee

Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Awards 2015

Mdm Wong has been with the College since 1996. To cultivate her students' interest in the language, Mdm Wong constantly explores innovative teaching approaches to stir up excitement in her lessons. She introduces the Daily News Talk into her class which requires students to express their views about issues and to back up their views with accurate information. From this exciting activity, students not only develop their oral language skills, but also strengthen their analytical skills, and evaluation skills. More importantly, students feel that Chinese Language is not just another subject, but a dynamic, relevant and interesting one. 
sl_sci_muhamadsalahuddin.png Mr Muhamad Salahuddin B Ibrahim

President's Award for Teachers 2015

Mr Salahuddin is a Lead Teacher who has been with the College since 1998. Mr Salahuddin has helped to build strong collaborative relationships – both among his students and the teaching staff. In this way, he has won the hearts and minds of colleagues and students under his mentorship.

He also initiated a peer support structure to enable students with behavioural issues to positively influence one another, going beyond the usual one-to-one interactions that teachers normally initiate with their charges. Mr Salahuddin believes that students will learn better when values such as perseverance are openly acknowledged and affirmed by teachers and peers.

At the national level, Mr Salahuddin is a core team member in the Biology Subject Chapter where he researches, designs and delivers workshops in areas such as “Question-based Instruction” and “Addressing Misconceptions in Science”. He sits on various committees such as the Biology Syllabus Development Committee and Biology Instructional Programme Support Group Planning Committee. The impact of his professional development contributions earned him the Fellow of the Academy of Singapore Teachers in 2014, in recognition of his active role in advocating a teacher-led culture of professional collaboration and excellence within the Biology fraternity. He is also acknowledged as one of the most caring teachers in the College, having won the Caring Teacher Commendation Award from NIE-Exxon Mobil in 2008 and SRJC’s annual Caring Teacher Award in 2011 and 2012.

sl_hum_saadiahbteabdullah.pngMdm Saadiah Bte Abdullah

National Day Award (Commendation) 


sl_eng_melissachew.pngMs Melissa Chew Ai Ling

 Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2014

Ms Melissa Chew has been teaching English Literature in Serangoon Junior College since June 2006. Fully aware that Literature is a subject that needs to have meaningful connections between the text and reality, the past and present, Ms Chew has conducted a number of outdoor experiential learning lessons at Chinatown and Little India. Her students recalled one particular memorable occasion when she dressed in a traditional Peranakan costume and shared with them key aspects of Peranakan culture when they were studying an extract from Emily of Emerald Hill. This certainly brought the text and its contents alive and spurred them to find out more about other cultures in Singapore. 

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 sl_mot_hengweelee.pngMdm Heng Wee Lee Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers Award 
sl_sci_muhamadsalahuddin.png Mr Muhamad Salahuddin B Ibrahim
Fellow of Academy of Singapore Teachers Award 
sl_eas_lohtohhongyien.pngMdm Toh Hong Yien 
MOE EXSA (Excellence Service Award): STAR 
sl_eas_tracyang.pngMdm Ang Lye Kim  MOE EXSA (Excellence Service Award): Silver 
sl_eng_katherinepah.pngMdm Katherine Ng Chye LenNational Day Award (Efficiency Medal) 


sl_mot_kamalavanidopalaiyan.pngMdm Kamalavani D/O Palaiyan

Tamil Murasu's Most Inspiring Tamil Teachers Awards 2013

Mdm Kamalavani has been in our college since 2004. She uses various activities to help students engage with the materials and learn critical thinking and communication skills. The positive classroom climate encourages students to ask questions and challenge their assumptions so as to encourage a deeper understanding of the content and build their own thinking skills.

Mdm Kamalavani students’ nominations are indicative of how students respected her and valued her. “She is more than a teacher to me as when I needed non-educational guidance on helping me cope with stress and planning ahead for my future, she did not hesitate to set aside quality time to motivate and encourage me”.