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Principal's Message

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     2018 will be a significant year for Serangoon Junior College. The college will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, a significant milestone for our staff, students and alumni – a time to reflect and reminisce on our past as much as we look forward to the future.

We have much to celebrate. SRJC began with an audacious goal of leading its students to glory while imbibing in them the important value of living a life of purpose that is enshrined in the college motto of Discere Servire (To Learn, To Serve). Today, SRJC stands tall as a college that has distinguished itself as a caring and warm institution, nurturing some of our most balanced students who have a heart for the community. The teachers in the college, having honed their professional expertise and pedagogy over the years, have built a solid knowledge base that has helped our students enhance their learning experiences. All our stakeholders beam with pride that between 75% and 78% of our students have qualified for our local universities over the last 4 years.

It is with sadness that we note that 2018 will also be the last year for SRJC. We will graduate the final batch of students this year before we merge with Anderson JC in 2019. The merger of the 8 JCs in Singapore was triggered by the changing demographic profile of the Singapore population. Nevertheless, we look forward to the merger with Anderson JC, as I am confident that together we will be stronger as one and we can leverage upon our strengths and staff expertise. 

SRJC and AJC are committed to providing nothing but the best for our future cohorts of students. We have started collaborating on joint programmes and our students have been excellent role models, displaying and demonstrating strong leadership, and creatively curating memorable moments for the first cohort of the merged college.

The future merged college is built on 65 years of history with a strong tradition of success and promises a bright future of excellence.

Discere Servire